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About the Book

The Laughing Ground is the story of a friendship between a boy and an extinct, six-year-old Babasaurus named Sugar. Sugar, longing to live the childhood he never had, suddenly finds himself smack dab in the middle of a big city playground. When he tries to join in the fun, his enormous size causes a serious problem. The entire playground gets turned into a crying ground, until one wise, thoughtful little boy discovers the perfect solution. Sugar and the Boy turn crying grounds into Laughing Grounds and create a friendship that transcends time and space. 


·  Narration by Stacy Keach

·  Story by Nancy Sellin

·  Music and lyrics by Edward Kessel and Manfred Knoop

·  Featuring KIDZAmerica

·  Illustrations by Audri Phillips·  Produced by Shari Upbin 


·  Sound Imagination

·  Audri

Seeking Publisher

·  DEMO CD and manuscript available to agents and publishers on request.

The Laughing Ground

A Children's Book by Nancy Sellin

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